Text “JOIN” to 578-364 (Lst-Dog) and create simple lists to share or just for yourself. It’s EASY and FREE*

Don’t download an App!

This is what can you do with LstDog just using text messages.

  • Create a list just for you. You can recall any information you want at any time with a simple command!

  • Share important lists with friends. No one will ever forget what to bring to your party again!

  • Take your list Public! Share your list with everyone using LstDog.
Share a "vacation" list with your family so no one forgets what to bring.

Getting started is as easy as…

  • 1

    Using your mobile phone, text “join” to 578-364.

  • 2

    Use “commands” to start creating a list for you or your friends.

  • 3

    Text “get” to see your list whenever you need it! Voila. That’s all there is to it.

Still have questions?… Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Recall your grocery list via text.

Membership Commands

You will only use these commands to JOIN or STOP using LstDog as a service.

  • join
  • stop
  • accounts
  • commands
  • help

Basic Commands

Below are the all of the basic commands you will ever really need to create, view, and delete lists. Of course, if you need “help”… you can text that too!

  • add
  • get
  • list
  • delete
  • clear
  • help

About You Commands

You will only need to use “About You” commands if you want to share lists with friends or make them public.

  • dogtag
  • birthday
  • gender
  • zip
  • security

Sharing Commands

You will only need to use “Sharing” commands if you want to share lists with friends or make them public.

  • share
  • friends
  • block
  • unblock

Going Public Commands

You will only need to use “Going Public” commands if you want to make your lists public.

  • public
  • private
  • like
  • unlike
  • watch
  • find
  • cancel
  • keyword
Quickly access your locker combination.

How do I use LstDog?

How do I Join?

Simply text “join” to 578-364 (Lst-Dog) and you’re on your way to creating easy lists and information that you can keep private, share with a friend, or even make public. You will get a response immediately saying “Welcome to LstDog…”

When you join LstDog, we create an account using your phone number. Use the “about you commands” to provide us with additional information such as a ‘dogtag’ so you can share data and a security quote to protect your account.

If you receive an error “Msg 1051″ from your cell provider when attempting to send “join” to our short code “578364”.  You’ll need to have short codes unblocked from your account. To do this call your cell provider from your phone, “611” and request that this short code “578364” be unblocked.

What should I do first?

After joining LstDog we suggest you create a dogtag, Text: “dogtag #yourtagname”, so that you can share data without exposing your phone number. We also recommend that you complete your account information, Text: “account” to review your account information.

Now that you have an account, we suggest starting with basic commands that you will use often, try these commands:

  • Text: “item 1”
  • Text: “add item 2”
  • Text: “get”
  • Text: “clear”

And finally you will want to start creating named lists (i.e., groceries, meetings, etc..) See “How do I create a “named” list” below for instructions.

How do I stop using LstDog?

Text “stop” to 578-364 and you will be prompted to confirm you want to stop using LstDog. Once completed, you will be totally removed from the system. Please note that this cannot be reversed.

What is my “default” list?

Your default list is a list without a name assigned by you. Using it can simplify and speed adding an item when you just need to save it quickly. Think of you default list as a scratch piece of paper. The basic commands: add, get, clear and delete can be used without providing a list name and apply to your “default list”.

Hint: this list actually has a name and you can use it, try this:

  • Text: “default get”

How do I create a “named” list?

You can create lists with a name. Naming a list allows you to organize your information and to share the list with others.

You can add items to a named list by texting an item to the list by name. In this next example, you just created a list named “todo’s” and added the item “buy book” to it.

  • Text: todo’s add buy book
    Response: None. When you are adding items, we don’t reply.
  • Text: todo’s get
    Response: We text you all of the items in your “todo’s” list to your phone

What commands should I learn?

add, get, list, delete, clear

For example here is the “add” command in action for your “groceries” list:

  • Text: groceries add milk
  • Text: groceries add coffee
  • Text:  groceries add eggs

Now we want to retrieve your list once we get to the store, simply…

  • Text: groceries get

To delete and item (i.e., milk):

  • Text: groceries del milk

Forgot the names of your lists?

  • Text: list

And we will sent you all your lists by name .

How do I share a list with a friend?

First assign yourself a dog tag name, you can see your dogtag name:

  • Text: “account”

To assign yourself a dogtag:

  • Text: “dogtag yourtagname”
    When using a dogtag, it must be prefixed with one of 3 characters: ^ or ! or #.

Then make friends.  Your friend must first be a LstDog member so if they haven’t done it already… them to join!

  • Text: “friends add #yourfriendsdogtag”  …OR
  • Text: “friends add phone number”

Now you can share your list”

  • Text: favmusic share #myfriend  …OR
  • Text: favmusic share 1115551212

How do I make a list public?

You can create a list and make it so anyone can see it. They find you list because you tell them the name or by searching using keywords. Let’s make a recipe for a smoothie and make it public. Note: you have to first create a #dogtag for your account, see “About you commands” above.

For our Favorite Music list “favmusic”…all you have to do is,

  • Text: favmusic public

Now everyone can see it!

How to use Advanced Commands

Using command words such as “add” or “get” as part of your data, use quotes:

  • Text: todo add “add additional licenses”

To save time you can add multiple items using the vertical bar:

  • Text: add item1 | item2 | item3