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this web site has been made possible by the marine mom volunteers who support the marine recruits based at mcrd in san diego. the picture above is from mcrd san diego.

all marines go through recruit training. some run into a snag along the way and have to recover from an injury or illness. recruit training is an essential and rewarding part of becoming a marine. for these recruits who have to endure their training experience a bit longer than planned the marine moms make a difference, to them and their families. the marine mom volunteers help by spending a few hours with the recruits a few times a year. we can all thank the leaders at mcrd for allowing us to take a few pictures of the recruits to share with their friends and families, many of whom haven't seen their sons or daughters for months.

after each visit we post pictures of the recruits at this site for mcrd san diego recruits, there are additional pictures at these sites as well:
mcrd san diego, and parris island the pictures are organized by visit. please share this site with your friends and family members all of whom can be proud of these recruits.

to view pictures of the recruits click on any of the visit links in the table below.

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