mcrd 2001 stocking gifts

this year the marine moms prepared over 700 stockings like the ones from the above picture, for the marine recruits at mrp and pcp platoons at mcrd san diego and paris island. the medical rehabilitation and physical conditioning platoons are for recruits that have had an injury or need additional physical conditioning before they can complete basic training. the mrp and pcp units provide a good environment for the recruits to quickly recover and return to their training units. despite everyones best effort, this delay can be a long and trying experience for the recruits. receiving the stockings on christmas morning was a very positive experience for the recruits. for those of us fortunate enough to be there, it was a great experience as well. we'd like to thank everyone who made this possible. the recruits all said to say "hi".

your recruit was given time to enjoy the stocking gifts on christmas morning while talking with toni (the one in blue above along with carol, youlonda and linda) and 8 other members of the marine moms family. the stockings contained treats, small gifts and letters from over 6000 school children across the us. everyone who contributed to making the stockings and their contents should be proud. the recruits thank you very much.

we took pictures of the recruits this year in small groups. we hope that you can find your recruit on this site and enjoy their picture from christmas day, december 25th, 2001.

click on the links below to view the recruit's pictures. clicking on any recruit picture will give you a larger, more detailed view. use your browsers "back" button to return to the previous page.

have a happy holiday and semper-fi!!

general pictures
mcrd san diego recruits by last name
mrp1, san diego ca
mrp2, san diego ca
pcp, san diego ca